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Katie, Cheshire

“Ros has been an absolute legend, I learned about her through a good friend, and I can tell you, everything they say about Ros is true! She is the calm, supportive, educated voice you need to navigate this weird, horrid world of AI diseases. I was very down about my situation when I first met Ros, I had been told I had an autoimmune disease, and at the time, they didn’t know exactly what it was. That brought me no comfort at all, when it comes to our health not knowing is possibly one of the worst things.

I had many symptoms and issues that came with that condition, many of which (since following Ros’ sage advice) I have managed to fix. I feel like a different person, and the future of my health is a lot brighter.

I also feel the need to say that 2 separate GPs, one NHS and one private, both told me there was nothing I could do and I just needed to ‘watch and wait’ and then they would find suitable medication for me, one of which I now know is a form of chemotherapy! With Ros’ guidance, I am hoping I can avoid this outcome altogether now and we have proved there are absolutely things you can do to change your lifestyle to heal yourself.”


“Ros is an encouraging, kind and thoughtful health coach. I have had health challenges for a long time and even though I thought I had tried most lifestyle adaptations, Ros saw any hurdles I was experiencing with a fresh perspective and found an alternative approach. Thank you, Ros for helping me build my confidence and try some new experiences!”


“It sometimes happens that when you are faced with a health issue that requires a significant change in life-style, your life feels as if it has been turned upside down. This happened to me when I needed to start a gluten and dairy free diet and this is where Ros stepped in to help me make sense of the situation. Through attentive listening and patient guidance, she showed me how to view food in a different way and let go of my out-dated views on nutrition. She also helped me put the change in a wider context of exercise, rest, work, leisure and much more. Ros has sound knowledge and experience on which to base her skills as a functional medicine health coach. She is insightful, cheerful and has a positive attitude. I have enjoyed working with Ros and am very grateful for her support and encouragement.”


“A chance conversation has ended literally years worth of pain, illness, discomfort and embarrassment for me and my little boy age 6. It guided me to work with Ros Fielden over the past 5 months to remove all gluten from our diet. Who would of realised quite how hard that would be? But what a difference it would make. With Ros’s unstinting support, positively, compassion and advice we are feeling the best we ever have. Me and my little boy had been suffering for literally years from, in his words “an ouch tummy” I remember one mum asking me, on hearing my toddler make this complaint “what do you do for that?” Exactly! What do you do for that? We did everything we could, going to several different GP’s and having every test under the sun and being told there was nothing wrong with us. One GP even told me I had to drop it! But when my little boys tummy was constantly distended and he was in constant pain, as a mother you go on looking for the solution.

I have had 6 coaching sessions with Ros and they have totally changed our life. She has brought health, happiness and harmony to our family. It hasn’t always been easy to make the changes we have, and she must be fed up of me asking “but what do you eat for breakfast if you don’t have cereal?” But she explained everything clearly and simply and offered solutions and advice when I was totally stuck. The scope and impact has been the most surprising of the sessions for me. I remember my first session, being this frazzled mess and my last session being “I’ve got this” she gave me the knowledge confidence and understanding of what was going on in our bodies and how to use food to help fix it and it certainly has for us. I can’t recommend Ros enough, she is an amazing human being and I am so happy to have her in my life.”


“I heard about Ros through mutual acquaintances at a time in my life that I felt I needed some additional support on my health journey.

I as diagnosed with Grave’s Disease in 2012 and have tried conventional medicine as well as alternative therapies and approaches. I’m still not where I would like to be with my health and so what I really wanted from a health coach was someone that could give me the direction and motivation that I sometimes lack on my own.

I was nervous about how the coaching would work as one of my biggest struggles is sticking with things consistently, such as the AIP. From our first conversation though, I was struck by Ros’ warm and approachable character; I never once felt judged or shamed, only encouraged and reassured.

At times my illness has left me feeling isolated and misunderstood. I’ve felt frustrated with not feeling like me anymore, however, Ros has helped me with an ongoing process of acceptance of what Grave’s means for me.

She shared her own experience with me and gave invaluable pointers and suggestions. What I gained from our coaching sessions was another pair of eyes to look objectively at my personal situation whilst also providing empathetic guidance and encouragement.

Ros is highly qualified academically and has personal experience alongside; I cannot recommend her enough.”


“I wasn’t really sure what to expect from my coaching sessions with Ros but right from the start she put me at ease and I found her very warm, caring and easy to talk to. We met via video which made it very easy to fit the sessions into my working day with no time needed to travel to appointments.

Over the 6 sessions we covered many areas from reviewing my diet through to exercises to identify my key personal values and practical solutions for finding time in my day for mindfulness and breathing exercises. I found every session beneficial and thought provoking resulting in several changes that have led me to feeling calmer and more in control of in particular my working life.

If you have health and wellbeing goals that you are struggling to achieve I can highly recommend Ros. She is a very supportive and empathetic mentor for talking through your obstacles , addressing accountability issues and identifying practical solutions.”